About us


PMTH unique business model includes delivery of high-quality solutions, both products and services, based on a high diversity of integrated products and raw materials in unprocessed form. Having access to high funds and volumes of product, we have a significantly increased flexibility of cooperation and our scale of business and its diversity makes us a reliable and competitive supplier. We optimize operational cooperation with customers and the costs incurred by both parties through sharing professional IT tools for handling transactions.

Additionally, we provide services of precious metals storage and logistics in cooperation with the largest professional logistics operators.

PMTH is focused on the sustainable development strategy by setting clearly defined objectives, priorities and targets. We develop mutually beneficial long-term relations with vendors, customers and financial partners to maximize shareholder value by delivering growth, profitability, strong cash flows and return on investment.

We value open relations and communication based on integrity, co-operation, transparency and mutual benefit with our customers and suppliers.


PMTH was founded by 100% Polish private capital. Its owners originate from the financial market, waste management industry and precious metals distribution sector. The management holds 30% of company’s shares.

Roman Cisek
over 20 years of professional experience; a long-time member of the board of Venture Capital / Private Equity fund specialized in modern technology investments and a managing partner of property and technology funds; for 2 years a member of the board of the largest retail distributor of bullion gold and silver in Poland; in the last years, before founding PMTH, he cooperated with a fast-growing group operating in the industrial waste management industry. An active member of BNI Polska - the largest organization in Poland associating entrepreneurs from various industries.
Paweł Szkudlarek
vice CEO
over 15 years of professional experience; implemented the first internet numismatic auctions in Poland; for 3 years he was responsible for the analysis and optimization of databases in an IT company; over 5 years he managed his own distribution company, operating in Asia and Europe; the last 3 years before founding PMTH he was responsible for managing sales, operations and the supply chain of a Polish manufacturer and wholesale distributor of precious metals.