Investor Relations


PMTH Capital Group

The PMTH Group is the first and to this day the only professional Polish entity operating in the wholesale distribution of products made of precious metals.

The PMTH Group specializes primarily in the wholesale of physical gold bars and coins to a wide range of retail distributors operating on the Polish and CEE markets. In this area, the PMTH Group sells over 300 kg of gold per month – in terms of sales volume, it is one of the three largest distributors on the Polish market.

This basic activity of the PMTH Group is complemented by an attractive offer of gold scrap purchase and the possibility of providing storage and logistics services for precious metals. Additionally, the PMTH Group is dynamically developing the area of ​​selling gold and silver jewelery – in the wholesale and retail models.

The operations of the PMTH Group are characterized by the stability of the business model, but also by the dynamic development – its revenues for 2020 amounted to PLN 279 million, and for 2021 were at the level of PLN 447 million, which gives 60% increase y/y.

The PMTH Group, with a share capital of PLN 26 million, is a solid, profitable entity that is distinguished by high credibility and reliability among Polish enterprises operating in the precious metal industry.


The key advantages of the PMTH Group on the market are:

direct cooperation with stable and large global suppliers of precious metals, who offer a wide range of products, attractive prices and delivery conditions with large purchase volumes – including the world’s largest refineries of precious metals from Switzerland: Valcambi, Heraeus / Argor-Heraeus, Metalor, as well as with many others from around the world, such as Perth Mint (Australia) or C. Hafner (Germany)
a wide range of LBMA bars of various weights and popular investment coins (i.e. Krugerrand, Canadian Maple Leaf, Vienna Philharmonic, Australian Kangaroo or American Eagle) available immediately or within a very short delivery time
own professionally secured vault in Wrocław and additional vaults in Zurich and Frankfurt rented from a reputable global entity specializing in the storage of high-value goods
professional logistic solutions and partners that enable the shipment of valuable goods throughout Europe
– an effective system of securing commodity transactions in precious metals and an internal PMTH accounting system, appropriately adapted to trading
effective and flexible cooperation with clients

The PMTH Group is a group founded in 100% by Polish private capital. Its owners come from financial markets, waste management and the distribution of precious metals. The founders and at the same time the head managers of PMTH are directly or indirectly owners of 30% of PMTH S.A. shares.


Investing opportunities with the PMTH Group

The PMTH Group provides investors with a number of investment opportunities involving precious metals:

purchase of gold in physical form -> bars or bullion coins, also possible with the PMTH vault storage service and a buy-back guarantee at an attractive market price
managing the capital in the form of physical gold -> based on the Investor providing gold in the form of a secured consignment, with a guaranteed rate of return from PMTH
investment in PMTH debt instruments -> short-term and long-term, based on physical gold (XAU) or currencies (PLN/EUR/USD), secured with the rigor of immediate execution (under Art. 777 of the Code of Civil Procedure) and a registered pledge on gold warehouses
capital investment in PMTH S.A. shares -> joining the group of owners of the PMTH Group


Our rules of IR

The PMTH Group owes its current market position to a significant extent to its Investors. Their capital support provides the group with the appropriate amount of working capital necessary to conduct trading activities in the precious metals industry. The companies of the PMTH Group are issuers of bonds and other debt instruments, since 2017 they have been carrying out redemptions and payments of interest due to investors on an ongoing basis and without any delay. From the beginning of April 2020, data on the currently issued bonds and their servicing are included in the Register of Issuers’ Liabilities maintained by the National Depository for Securities, which is updated monthly and available to the public at:

We make every effort to provide all interested Investors with the most complete picture of our business. For this purpose, we conduct direct communication with our Investors, including:

– presentation of financial statements,
– preparation of periodic summaries of activities,
– current correspondence regarding news on the gold and other precious metals market,
– availability of our Wealth Management team for any questions.

We believe that transparency in communication will contribute to the maintenance and further development of positive relations with our Investors.


Managers responsible for contact with Investors:


Roman Cisek – CEO


tel.: +48 607 033 350


Tomasz Cholewa – Wealth Manager


tel.: +48 603 395 792


Sebastian Raburski – Wealth Manager


tel.: +48 604 746 087