Become a Supplier


Several tens suppliers from more than 20 countries deliver materials, components or products for the PMTH. The performance of our suppliers is key for our common success. We continuously develop our supplier base, focusing on partnerships with the best suppliers in terms of quality, time and cost.

We welcome suppliers who are strongly committed and hardworking, enjoy teamwork, and are willing to collaborate with PMTH in a mutually beneficial business relationship. Cooperation, communication, and coordination are needed between our team and our business associates to perform our tasks effectively — always with the highest degree of integrity.

In order to continuously monitor and improve the performance of our suppliers we ask you to refer to the accompanying documents.
PMTH Ltd invites you, as a supplier, to apply to be registered on our supplier base.

Please note: Registration on PMTH’s base does not mean automatic appointment as a preferred supplier. The choice of preferred suppliers will be in accordance with PMTH’s procurement policy.

For further information please contact:

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